How to Connect Your iPhone to TV Through Apple TV

You can connect your iPhone to TV through Apple TV. The best way to get it to work is to purchase an HDMI cable, which will allow you to connect your iPhone to TV, or VGA cable, which will allow you to connect your iPhone to your television through your receiver. With the newest Apple devices, it is very easy to do a factory reset and restore the device. Before doing this, however, you should back up all of your data.

Backing up your data is very important for the new iPad. A backup will help you avoid having to re-download all of your favorite apps if you accidentally deleted a file that you want to keep. Since the new iPad doesn’t have a home button, you will need to find the iTunes restore point. To find this, turn on your iPad and hold the sleep button. Press and hold the iTunes button on the bottom right of the screen until it appears then let go. After letting go, you will be brought to the main iTunes screen.

Once you are at the main iTunes screen, you will need to press and hold the option key on the main iTunes page. The restore button will appear. Press this button. After waiting for a few seconds, you will be able to see the backup finished. After you have backed up everything, turn off your iPad and reconnect it to your television through the HDMI or VGA cable. Plug your iPhone into the port located on the back of the television and then hit the play/pause button. If the television is turned on, you will hear a beep and then see your LCD screen.