Top 10 Countries by Inflation Rate

Have you ever wondered why is the United States (or «The U.S.») number one in the world when it comes to the inflation rates of their Top 10 countries? One thing that might explain this phenomenon is that the U.S. has almost no restrictions on its citizens in regard to controlling their own finances. The United States is among the most free economies in the world, and people are also free to explore the wealth of the U.S. by living overseas. So, let’s say that a U.S. citizen is living in Turkey and wants to go to the United States. He can’t because of the high level of inflation, so he goes back to Turkey.

Also, other countries in the Top 10 countries by the inflation rate, like Greece and Portugal, have their own crises. If there is a crisis or a war in Greece, a lot of people who live in Greece would want to migrate to the United States and take up jobs. Therefore, the U.S. is not only the top of the world in terms of the inflation rate, but also in terms of unemployment.

Of course, if you are interested in living the life of an expatriate in Europe, it would be better if you live somewhere else in the Top 10 countries by inflation rate such as Switzerland or Sweden. The people who want to relocate to these countries should look for opportunities in Switzerland and Sweden before they look for opportunities in the United States or Canada. The United States has the highest number of people without jobs, and this is what makes it the top in terms of the inflation rate in the world. Living in another country is a risk, so people need to be very careful and they should be able to take care of their retirement funds.