Top 10 N Words by Melissa Locker

Top 10 N Words by Melissa Locker is a book that teach you how to live in your own truths and know who you really are and also help you to embrace the goodness within you, regardless of whether you are heterosexual homosexual, bi-sexual, transgender, non-binary, pansexual, or any other label for which there is no word. I read this book when I was in my early twenties and I didn’t want to tell anyone that I was reading it because I felt uncomfortable about how honest it was. In fact, if you are gay, bi-sexual, lesbian, or transgender, then you might find this book just as inspiring and exciting to read as you would a novel by an author who is straight. I thought it was amazing that somebody could write a book, even a book about love, and still teach you that you don’t have to be right or choose the «right» gender.

Top 10 N Words is a celebration of self-love and growth. The authors describe their own personal journey, which begins in childhood, through adolescence, and also on into adulthood. It describes all of the ups and downs along the way, and eventually you see yourself on the other side of it all. Through the first half of the book, the author tells us about her life growing up in the south. During this time, she is away from the family, in school, learning about and loving herself.

As the second half of the book describes, her true identity begins to emerge. After the change in identity comes the acceptance, finally. The book closes with chapters dedicated to finding that good place within and above the world for loving yourself, and the author tells us that you can start where you are now, within your soul. You can start by choosing to be honest about who you are, and what you feel deep inside of you. If you are struggling with your self-love and self growth, I highly recommend Top 10 N Words.